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Proudly Helping California Service Personnel Appeal Denied Claims

California service personnel, including sheriffs and highway patrol officers, put themselves at risk every day to protect the public. Many of these workers get hurt in the line of duty and face lengthy recoveries afterward. Unfortunately, when this happens, they may also struggle to get their workers’ compensation claims approved.

Hannegan & Tafreshi Injury Law, P.C., is dedicated to helping safety professionals fight denied workers’ compensation claims. One of our workman’s comp lawyers is a retired California Highway Patrol officer, so we have firsthand knowledge of the hoops they jump through to get these benefits. We make our clients feel seen and heard, and we show them we care by fighting for them with all our might.

While we are based in Orange County, we serve clients throughout the Southern California and Central California regions. If you are an injured safety professional, we are ready to represent you in your fight for compensation and justice.

Can Service Personnel Get Workers’ Comp Benefits?

Some service professionals may wonder whether they qualify for workers’ compensation benefits due to their unique line of work and status as government employees. In California, they are eligible for these benefits.

What’s more, under California Labor Code § 4850, safety workers, such as police officers and firefighters, can receive one year of full pay after they get injured on the job when claiming a specific injury, such as a vehicular accident. After one year, they will receive regular workers’ comp benefits (two-thirds of their average weekly earnings) if their injuries continue to prevent them from working. If a claim is classified as a continuous trauma injury, California Labor Code § 4850 benefits are applicable until the injured worker has been deemed to have reached maximum medical improvement as classified by a treating or evaluating physician.

Losing out on a full year’s salary is detrimental for service professionals, which is why it is so crucial for them to appeal a denied workers’ compensation claim. Our office is here to guide you through the process and reduce the stress associated with filing or disputing a denied workers’ compensation claim.

How Does The Appeals Process Work?

If your workers’ compensation claim is denied in California, the first thing you should do is reach out to a workman’s comp lawyer. With their help, the necessary steps will be taken in order to appeal your denial and help you obtain the benefits that you are entitled to.

When appealing your denied workers’ compensation claim, be mindful of your window for doing so.

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