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Heart Conditions Among Law Enforcement And Workers’ Compensation

Law enforcement officers have physically demanding, high-intensity jobs that require them to work long hours, face constant danger and be on alert at all times. The stress and strain can take a toll and contribute to heart disease.

At Hannegan & Tafreshi Injury Law, P.C., we have a long, proud legacy of protecting the interests of law enforcement officers and other safety professionals who have developed medical problems or suffered injuries related to their jobs. Among our attorneys, we even have a former California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer who is highly skilled in this unique area. We assist clients throughout Southern and Central California.

The Connection Between Heart Disease And Law Enforcement Jobs

Under Labor Code 3212, a heart condition that develops in the course of certain law enforcement or safety providers’ service is presumed to “arise out of and in the course of the employment.” This presumption even carries over for some time after a member of law enforcement leaves the job (for three months per full year of duty, up to 60 months).

In short, that means that you may have a valid claim for workers’ compensation for conditions such as:

  • Atrial fibrillation
  • Atrial flutter
  • Cardiac arrhythmia
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Enlarged heart
  • Heart attack
  • Hypertensive heart disease

A lawyer can help you determine whether you are covered under Labor Code 3212 and whether your specific heart condition may qualify for this presumption.

You Helped Others – Now Let Our Team Help You

If you’re a law enforcement officer who is contemplating a workers’ compensation claim based on a heart condition, you should not go through this process alone. Workers’ compensation claims are wrongfully denied far too often, so get a lawyer who really cares on your side.

If you have a heart condition that you believe is related to your occupation and you’re not able to work, contact Hannegan & Tafreshi Injury Law, P.C. today to schedule an initial consultation at no cost. Reach us at 866-740-9460 or via email. Our attorneys don’t believe in barriers to quality representation, so if you cannot come to our office, they can come to you.