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What are the most dangerous roads in Orange County?

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Orange County, like other Southern California areas with relatively high population density, sees plenty of traffic. The density of traffic is both due to locals commuting to work and tourists passing through the area. The area boasts some of the most iconic beaches, and many of the local routes in Orange County offer beautiful scenic views. High traffic volumes, distraction caused by beautiful views and poor personal safety choices can all contribute to collision risk while on those roads.

Orange County experiences hundreds of major collisions every year, some of which result in serious injury or death. There are certain roads where such collisions are far more likely to occur than others. Where do drivers have the most risk when traveling in Orange County?

The two most dangerous roads are highways

Ortega Highway, also known as Highway 74, connects Orange County and Riverside County. It is a sprawling, winding road that is quite scenic. It is also the location of many tragic collisions each year. The road is dangerous for everyone, but many of the worst crashes on Ortega Highway involve motorcycles.

Laguna Canyon Road or Highway 133 is an eight-mile stretch that also sees a large number of collisions. Local authorities in Laguna Beach have committed to multiple improvements on this highway because of the volume of crashes that occur here annually.

Some of the other more dangerous roads include Orangethorpe Avenue, which has multiple high-risk intersections. Chapman Avenue is also highly dangerous. The location where Santiago Canyon Road crosses Jamboree Road to become Chapman Avenue has previously held the nickname “Road of Death.” This intersection, in particular, has seen a disproportionate number of fatal crashes.

Prioritizing safety when traveling in Orange County may involve planning routes that avoid dangerous roads, leaving plenty of time to maintain safe speeds and consistently avoiding distraction at the wheel. Motorists may benefit from being aware of locations where their crash risk is higher. They do still have the same basic legal rights regardless of where a collision occurs.

Learning more about Orange County safety statistics may help people limit their overall crash risk. After all, when it comes to safety, knowledge is power.